The Enembe Institute News : (KTT) ASEAN President Jokowi Emphasized Security of ASEAN, Maritime Cooperation, and Terrorism

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(KTT) ASEAN President Jokowi Emphasized Security of ASEAN, Maritime Cooperation, and Terrorism

The Enembe Institute News. Jakarta. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) attended retreat or closed meeting with nine country leaders of ASEAN in the second day of ASEAN Summit number 28 and ASEAN related Summit number 29 in  National Convention Center (NCC) Vientiane, Laos.

In the opportunity, President Jokowi gave presentation about the challenges that are in the area. “The President also delivered that we need to keep our home. Do not let our home becomes challenged because of the actions that are done by other countries.”

Acknowledged by the President, talking about the areas actually has its own mechanism and dialog as well as architecture of the area. For the regional mechanism, President delivered, there’s ASEAN Plus Three, East Asia Summit (EAS) and ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF). Meanwhile for regional architecture context there are Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (TAC) and EAS Bali Principal 2011.

“The question is why this mechanism, architecture in this area still cannot guarantee the stability and security of the area. Here and there you can still see some potentials of conflict happening in open world.”ktt2

Therefore, according to Menlu, the President needs to think of a security architecture for a stronger area.

Indonesia itself, continued by Menlu, is trying to see what can be done in the context of new security architecture. “The new one doesn’t mean that we have to start all over, because all architecture basis in our area have been owned by us.”

Maritime Cooperation

President Jokowi also reminded about the importance of cooperation of maritime. President reminded, in last year’s EAS there is a new priority of maritime cooperation that has been adopted by EAS Statement. President invited all countries to implement maritime cooperation in this EAS context.

In the context of maritime, the President also reminded the challenges that need to be faced such as fish stealing, area issue, kidnapping and pirating with armors that all need to to be handled by tight cooperation.

“In the context of maritime security, the President also said and delivered about the issue of security in Sulu water and around. President said do not let the situation right now which is a challenge in the Sulu Water and around to be ‘the new normal’. Do not let this situation, once again, become ‘the new normal’,” explained by Menlu.

Other point that was delivered by President Jokowi in the retreat is about the problems that need efforts together to fight the extremism and terrorism.

“President said we have the informations about the possibility of ISIS to move their activities and or to increase their activities in South East Asia,” revealed by Menlu while mentioning, this information needs to be responded and followed up immediately together.*( Adrian Indra/2017 )

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