PAPUAN NEWS MAGAZINE : Amazing, LMA Papua Builds Flight School in Biak and Will Be Officiated by President

lma2Biak — Institutions of Indigenous Peoples (LMA) in cooperation with Mandiri Utama Flight Academy (MUFA) and Government of Biak Numfor opened flight school in Biak, Papua. This first flight school in Papua that is especially to educate children of Papua to be aviator was officiated by special official of President of Indonesia Lenis Kogoya in Biak.

“This is a history because all this time Papua still seen as left behind. But from this day on we will keep moving forward and this will be marked by this flight school in Biak,” said Denis in his speech in VIP room of Frans Kaisiepo Airport. Special Staff of President of Indonesia that is also the head of LMA of Papua said, the similar school will be built in other districts of Papua in cooperation with related districts.

“Flight school in Biak is a starter program. The similar program will be opened in other areas such as Nabire, Wamena, Mimika, Sorong, Manokwari and Merauke,” said Lenis Kogoya.

According to Lenis, Papua generally uses moda of sky transportation so the LMA of Papua tried to find a solution by building flight school especially for Papua kids.

lma-1The hope of LMA, in the future, the Papua kids, after educated to be aviators by this school, will be able to fly a plane to serve people in areas of Papua.

Meanwhile, Dany Rahman, Chairman of MUFA appreciated the cooperation that was built with LMA of Papua and government of Biak Numfor as well as the warm welcome from Biak people in the event.

He assured MUFA will more to the fullest so in the future every plane landed in Papua will be piloted by best kids of Papua.

Regent of Biak Numfor, Thomas Ondy also supported this program of LMA Papua.

He promised to help the education program of flight school because it can educate aviators experts especially for Papua kids.

“Government of Biak will prepare a space to train the student of flight school,” said the Regent.

President Joko Widodo will open a flight school for people in Biak, Papua, in October.

According to the staff of President for Papua, Lenis Kagoya, the opening of flight school is an answer as how left behind the students of Papua compared to other areas of Indonesia.

“This pilot school will be officiated in October, second week,” said Lenis after meeting president Joko Widodo in presidential palace.

fly-ps_dap_carverLenis continued, the school building has been built and what’s left is the facilities thanks to the cooperation with private institution. What’s lacking, he said, is the pilot candidates.

So far, said Lenis, Papua has 30 pilot candidates that are trained outside of Papua, Cirebon. As soon as the flight school in Papua is officiated, the pilot candidates will go back to Papua to continue their education with other candidates.

President Joko Widodo, said by him, hoped for the pilot school to be able to take the Papua students to be pilots for Garuda, Lion Air, and many more.

“We want to prepare in Papua because there are a lot of mountains and wave in Papua. We want them to be accustomed to Papua’s condition,” said Lenis.

When asked about the capacity and facility in that fligth school, Lenis mentioned that there will be 9 training planes. Other than that, there will be 10 instructors with maximum students of 40 people.

“The duration of the education would be around 1.5 years,” he said. * ( leskolive/pm/2016 )

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