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img-20160918-wa0000A grandfather with 7 grandkids that is still energetic and filled with passion, an alumn of bachelor of economy of Unkris and master of energy management of Unsada is really enthusiast if you ask him about his view in food and energy, the writer has met and discussed with him twice directly after he delivered the seminar material on economy of Indonesia in the campus of Unkris and gave guidance for thesis of graduate students of energy in Unsada.

  • What makes you so excited when talking about Food and Energy?

Food Security and Energy Security is like two sides of a coin, both are very strategic and important, food and energy are main needs as well as the essence of human life, because of that the right for food and energy becomes a really important part of human rights, Food Security and Energy Security are also a part of National Security.

Talking about food and energy especially renewable energy, in our minds we will immediately think of the potential of natural resources, human resources and technology as well as condition and potential in rural areas with all the goodness and badness, but the fact is the condition in rural is still far from what we hope.ray2

  • Then what have and will you do?

Supporting instruments for developments are included in the developments of rural area have been available in academic theory as well as constitution and state regulation in the effort to create public welfare such as UU OTDA No. 22 year 1999; UU Food Security year 1996 dan UU Energy Security No. 30 year 2007, and last but not least 12 packages of state regulation by Jokowi JK, but in reality it’s still not easy to implement, because a lot of factors it’s facing, such as management obstacles and states (coordination between institutions, limitation of smart human resources, technology, marketing, and access to finance institution.

The experience that we get in the field in creating rural area as well as to fulfill the need for food and energy for people around is it needs closure and multi discipline and awareness between people with importance (public, government, private company, university, and financial institution of bank/nonbank), which actually this closure are not new.

  • Pulling your statement about smart human resources, can you explain?

There are a lot of smart human resources with formal education, but not much clever ones, in my opinion it’s someone who can use their brain to understand and act towards the real truth, based on spiritual power that was given by God to all human to understand the real truth. Brain is only instrument that results in ability to think and it can still be influenced by lust, therefore between the thinking with brain it can go against each other, this is what we need to be aware of as clever human.

  • Can you tell me more about concrete effort that has been done, related to the uniqueness of your background in economy/management but you are doing agriculture and forestry and energy?

rahadi-ps_dap_acry-realIt may seem unique at a glimpse, but if you understand the real economy science, actually I’ve done based on what I’ve learnt, economy science studies about human behaviour in making decision to fulfill their need, so in my mind how can the availability of food and energy that is a part of human rights, can be available in relative meaning, can be produced by people around, affordable, easy to get, always available and safe to be consumed as well as having additional and sustainable value.

The approach that we apply in implementing public economy activity is by the potential of the rural (both food and energy), in the rural it always involves people, private and university, and sometimes there are supports from the government, this is not easy to gather perceptions and importances of many parties, especially from the side of private company who is always started by thinking about profit (material) that will be got and this is a normal thing in business, but not all private aspects come with that thought in mind, because the profit is not only about material but also not material by the start.

The approach with leadership of our education role model Ki Hadjar Dewantoro: Ing ngarso sung tulodo, Ing madyo mangun karso, Tut wuri handayani was not wrong, there are also private elements that want to support to cooperate in the effort of making economic activities of rural without thinking first of the profit of the material in the front but with that sayings in mind, it means that if we can give motivation and work together decently, then if the people are advanced and gained profit, the private companies will automatically benefit from it.ray1

Some of the examples of cooperating experiences with that approach is:

  • Around the 90’s with the support of Dana Bakti Foundation ASTA and Universitas Krisnadwipayana, pushing the transmigration of Abri in Central Lampung to start planting cassava programmatically, and it’s proven that Lampung is now one of the vault for cassava that is potential to be a place to fulfill food and energy.
  • In the 90’s with the idea to allocate chocolate plant integratedly from the seeding, planting up to harvesting was done in the location with people of Arso transmigration in the area of Papua border. This activity was really supported by Department of Transmigration of Indonesia (Mr. Siswono, Minister of private institutions back then), PT. Tria Silira Murti (Mr. Henry Supanni), and Universitas Krisnadwipajana, and on what we can see right now that the Arso area became the people’s farming place with top commodity being chocolate.
  • In the beginning of 2000, supported by PT. MSH. Agro (Mr. Erik Hidayat, the son of former Head of KADIN and Minister of Industry), together with PT.ASP. International Japan, SEAMEO BIOTROP and Universitas Darma Persada started to develop taro from Japan (satoimo) in Indonesia and started seeding, planting, harvesting and post harvesting, the choices of the plants back then was based on the consumption as healthy food, as well as from the side of the importance of advance production as the main ingredients for pharmacy sector, although up until now for the importance of industry of pharmacy still cannot come true, but from the side of cultivating the garden has been known by public in many areas in Indonesia thanks to Mr. Andi Sumardjo (CV. Agro Lawu) along with rural people in creating small but real movements for the importance of National Food Security.
  • In the era of 2007 up until now along with Team Researcher Graduate Renewable Energy of Universitas Darma Persada under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Kamaruddin Abdullah IPU, keeps on researching and developing rural with the model of Village (Independent village of energy, economy and environment) that the aim is to build an a rural area with existing energy sources (water, solar, biomass or biogas) can be the motor of economic activities of rural by keeping the natural environment or ecosystem that has existed, therefore the sustainable development concept can be put to reality. Some of the concrete activities in many rural areas have been done through supports from many national institutions such as Directorate General of Higher Education as well as international institutions such as SEAD America and Mitsui Co. Ltd. Japan.

Hopefully in the future we all hope that the nation of Indonesia can keep improving the quality of the generations to be “Clever Human.”


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Organizational Experience           : Chairman of the Student Senate Faculty of Economics UNKRIS, Secretary Education Foundation MSH Syifabudi Legenda

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